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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Local Landscaping and Gardening Centers

Yup, I’ll admit it, I’ve been quite the blog slacker. I spent a good chunk of May in Tahiti and Australia, and it’s taken me some time to snap out of vacation mode. Fortunately, summer’s here at last, so at least I can relax in my hammock and pretend that the sound of the babbling brook in my backyard is actually that of waves lapping the shore of a motu off the coast of Moorea…

Along with summer come landscaping projects, which I’ve really come to enjoy. It helps that I have some very knowledgeable neighbors who are always willing to share tips! This is the start of my fourth summer in Fitchburg, and I’ve found some favorite local businesses over the years that have been a great source of supplies and advice for outdoor projects. I thought I’d mention a few here:

Romano’s Greenhouse
– This is my first choice for hanging baskets (some of which I replant in ground pots), as they have lots of choices that combine multiple complementary plants. They also have a good variety of annuals, perennials, and vegetables. But one of the real highlights of a trip to Romano’s is the incredibly helpful, knowledgeable staff.

Cauley’s Garden Center – Located at 645 South Street, right across the street from Romano’s, Cauley’s has a particularly nice selection of annuals, along with rose bushes and some landscaping shrubs (they also have great Christmas trees in the winter). One of these days, my husband and I are planning to order one of their custom-built sheds as well, once he gets over the idea that we should build one ourselves.

Powell Stone & Gravel – If you need a dump truck full of anything (stones, topsoil, etc.), Powell’s the place for you. They also feature supplies for building walls, walkways, and patios. The one problem is that every time we order from them, it makes me think of dozens of other projects we should consider taking on too!

Fitchburg Agway – I don’t know that I’ve ever encountered friendlier staff anywhere. They’re always available to offer anything from advice to help loading your car. We also discovered that they have great rates on mulch, and they delivered it VERY quickly after our order was placed. I’d recommend signing up for their email list – I’ve found out about some amazing weekend sales that way (and was able stock up on things such as rhododendrons, hydrangeas, and holly bushes as a result).

Lakeview Nurseries – I could spend hours here, browsing the endless rows of annuals and perennials, and I’ve found their plants to be exceptionally healthy and robust. In addition, they have an amazing selection of shrubs and trees. This is a place that takes customer service very seriously; they hire a police officer to ensure a smooth traffic flow in and out of the lot, while staff members circle the nursery proactively asking customers if they can assist in any way.

Central Mass Garden Center (621 Chase Road, Lunenburg) – I find it hard to believe that this massive nursery doesn’t have a website, but I’m afraid I didn’t have any luck quickly trying to locate one. This center carries quite an array of annuals, perennials, shrubs, and trees. I find them particularly useful for locating harder-to-find plants (but they could probably use to invest in more staff during busy times).

Grand Rental Station – The local branch of this chain is located on route 2A shortly after crossing into Lunenburg from Fitchburg. I’m astounded by the random landscaping items you can rent here. I’m normally not a fan of chains, but I haven’t found an independent alternative, and the service at this store is very friendly and personal. Whenever my husband starts insisting he needs some specialized tool that I know he’ll only use once, I now know to look into renting as an alternative. Fortunately, this means my already crowded garage doesn’t include items such as a stump grinder!

I’m sure I’ve left something out, but I’ll stop here. I’d love to hear others’ suggestions of landscaping/gardening centers worth checking out!



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