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Friday, November 14, 2008

Fitchburg Freecycle

Earlier this month, my husband and I finally tackled a long overdue basement clean-out. We discovered that we had quite a collection of household appliances that work fine but have been replaced with upgraded versions over the years. I’m not sure how we managed to get through a couple of moves since college without realizing we had multiple toasters, espresso machines, etc., but it was definitely time to do something about it.

Fortunately, Fitchburg has its own branch of the popular Freecycle network. The concept is simple: if you have usable items you no longer need, it makes a lot more sense to pass them on to someone else in the community rather than sending them off to a landfill. This can even save you money if you’ve got something like a computer or a dryer that would cost you money to throw out.

The Fitchburg Freecycle group averages around 300 postings per month and, in my experience, items go pretty quickly. Since members are local, it’s much less of a hassle to coordinate item pick-ups than it is when posting items in the “free” section of craigslist. And it's nice knowing that your items are going to others in your own community. I’d definitely encourage everyone to consider becoming a part of the group if you’re not already!